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+44 (0)790 822 5593, 0740 188 0030
Crown Complex, 4 Pegamoid Rd Edmonton London, N18 2NG
Our Home Page - Diamonds Pre-school
Welcome to Diamonds Pre-school where children are treated as very special gems. At Diamonds pre-school, we aim to provide in a very conducive setting, an educative, fun, qualitative and affordable child care to families. We operate from a safe and secure large ground floor which gives every child the opportunity to play and learn indoors. There is also an outdoor play park adjacent the pre-school.
Diamonds pre-school runs a flexible setting. Our opening times are as follows:
  • Opening Days: Monday to Friday
  • Morning Sessions: 09.30am – 12.30pm
Call us on 0790 822 5593, 0740 188 0030 or email us at for further details.
Registering your Child
Diamonds Pre-school is currently registering children into the pre-school’s morning sessions. You may Download Registration FORM. You may also contact us on 0790 822 5593, 0740 188 0030 or email us at for further enquiries on government nursery education funding.
Nursery Education Funding
We offer free government Nursery Education Funding (NEF) for children who are 3 years and above. The funding begins the term after each child’s third birthday. Children who are not yet eligible for grants may (depending on their age) register and pay a rate from £24.00 per session. Please click to view details of fees.. There is also a flexible option of enrolling for 5 days a week.
Funding may also be available for children aged 2-3yrs. Please call us on 0790 822 5593, 0740 188 0030 or come to the pre-school for further information.